Who We Are

Brock University

Brock University is located at 500 Glenridge Ave, St. Catharines, Ontario. Brock has had the second-highest growth of post-secondary students of any other Ontario university. At Brock University each student is encouraged to develop both sides of their brain. With a strong faculty in each of the university’s departments, students are able to harness rational and analytical thinking in addition to their emotional and creative talents. Brock views community involvement as a crucial tool for developing intelligent and well-rounded members of society. There are approximately 17,000 full-time students attending Brock University.

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The Department

In the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, knowledge is integrated and applied from biosciences, social sciences, statistical sciences, and the humanities. The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences dedicates itself to understanding health in order to help gain, maintain, and restore the health of people, families, organizations, and communities. The department offers courses in the following Health Science areas:

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  • Medical Sciences
  • Public Health *New Co-op option
  • Child Health
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Community Health
  • Pharmacy Technician/Community Health
  • Dental Hygiene/Community Health
  • Massage Therapy/Community Health

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About the Course

IMG_6897Developing Healthy Communities is a 3rd year course offered by Brock University’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences department. Taught by Paula Gardner, Assistant Professor at Brock University, students have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at what forms a community while learning how to develop useful research tools to improve community health.

In the course, students learn about the different types of communities, their structures, the common challenges communities face, different strategies to promote them in a healthy way, as well as how to make relevant evaluations and properly deal with people. Instead of a “sit-and-watch-only” lecture style, the course is built on a very dynamic foundation encouraging student interaction with lecture material. The students participate in a variety of activities and discussions, watch documentaries, and listen to guest speakers. The main course project of the term was “Through Their Eyes”, where seniors from the St. Catharines area were interviewed by student teams through “go along” interviews.

“Taking the course Developing Healthy Communities has allowed me to concentrate on an aspect of life that many people take for granted, the health of their community. This course has enhanced my knowledge on numerous areas of neighbourhood health and what is involved in making a community healthy. Not only that, but this course has equipped me with practical knowledge, learning how to conduct a go along interview.” – Student

The students were able to accompany the seniors through their daily routine to gain a better understanding of the main difficulties they have to deal with, how they have adapted to the city in terms of their ongoing aging process, and what could have been done to make their lives better through their eyes.

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