Community-Campus Event

Everyone Benefits and Learns from the Project!

The community-campus event at 14 Centre Street was a great success where the attendees had a great time. Lots of photos were taken during the event. In addition to all of the photos, two students from the class circulated the room conducting short interviews with students, seniors and project partners to ask them about their experience with the project.

On April 4, 2014, the entire Building Healthy Communities class from Brock University went to 14 Centre Street to celebrate the project’s completion. The class hosted the senior residents to a breakfast and shared the preliminary findings of their research. Students read from their reflection journals, seniors shared their thoughts on the project, and Paula Gardner thanked everyone for their participation in the study. Afterwards, all participants watched the Through Their Eyes project Powerpoint Presentation available for viewing below.

Video Presentation Summarizing Project Findings
Community-Campus Event Gallery

Also in attendance were representatives from Niagara Regional Housing; Niagara Region Public Health, Niagara Connects, and Niagara Age-friendly Network.

Video Presentation Summarizing Through Their Eyes Project Findings

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Community-Campus Event Gallery

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